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California Verde is the continuation of projects and principles conceptualized since the 1980's; its purpose is to inform and persuade, primarily the Hispanic and American community, about the future of our planet, the nature that surrounds us and how to care for it.  Also, its purpose is to protect the lifestyle of humans so that they can breathe safe fresh air, eat fresh meals - free of Toxins and contaminants.

    California Verde will present alternatives to the process of planting and tree conservation, stimulating and making possible that everyone participates for the protection of our environment so that it becomes part of our culture.  This is how we will enjoy our planet while we preserve it.  Always keeping in mind the following steps:

  1. Acquire conscience of the social and environmental issues of our lifestyles.
  2. Make decisions as consumers so that we can build a better environment.
  3. Work to live, do not live to work.
  4. Give quality time to your family and community.
  5. Stop measuring the social and personal progress only in material terms.
  6. Reduce the impact about our planet's natural resources so that there will be something in the future.  

Mission Statement:
Our mission on this project is to capture the attention of the global community and speakers interested in the topic of saving energy, recycling, and other environmental issues that are now universally discussed. We hope to unite and combat environmental problems together.

Our vision is to make people all around the world conscious about being in contact with nature, being able to understand the importance of protecting our planet., and  teaching them about the benefits that the green energy can offer.

Spread the word that this is a free publication, making it possible that it arrives to interested people in California and the whole community, around the U.S.A. and Latin America and bring information about the global issues and then find the right way to reach the real goal which is to save our mother Earth. 


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