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Did You know that the reason most Go Green efforts fail is because most people don't know enough about the problems to be able to come to a proper solution?

Ignorance and Appathy are the two biggest roadblocks preventing 90% today's efforts form making an impact

(I don't know and I don't care) 

Let’s Talk Plastic


What is Plastic


Plastic: polymeric material that has the capability of being molded, shaped or physically altered, usually by the application of heat and pressure.


This property of plasticity, often found in combination with other special properties such as lower levels of density and electrical conductivity, transparency, and toughness, is what allows plastics to be made into a wide variety of products.




Why is Plastic so Popular


Plastic is popular because it is cheap, has multi-purpose functionality, is highly resistant to natural damage, is water proof and also it makes for a good all-around working material




If Plastic is so great, How can it be so hazardous to the environment


Due to the chemical compounds that make Plastic the resistant material that it is, when not broken down properly, it causes a negative impact on our ecosystem.


Durability is our enemy, a single flimsy plastic bag can take several years to break down and as long as 500 years to biodegrade completely! Thicker plastics can take even longer, with that thought in mind, look around you right now and make a note of how many items are around you that are made of plastic. The numerous uses for plastic and the way it has become so deeply engrained in our lives makes it an evil necessity.




What Can I do to lessen the impact of Plastic on the environment?


Plastic is a necessity in our world, it is far too valuable an asset to have it wiped from our everyday life  so it is up to us to figure out how to incorporate it without being harmful.


The simple solution is to cut out any unnecessary plastics in our everyday life and to recycle what we cannot avoid using.  Most trash collection companies supply a recycle bin, utilizing


This bin can significantly help reduce the amount of plastics that end up in our local landfills and even worse, in our environment. Being more aware of the items you use in everyday life while consciously making an effort to sort them appropriately is probably the best and easiest thing you can do.


Drink a soda from the vending machine? Don’t throw away the bottle, recycle it!


Stopped to pick up some take out for dinner? Let the restaurant know that you don’t need plastic utensils if you plan on eating at home, just use what you have at home and do the dishes.














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