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Kids Going Green
When you are at home, become more aware of the things you use in everyday life. Before you go to throw something away, ask yourself if it can be recycled. A lot of things we use in our daily life can be recycled but they end up in landfills because we don't think about it. For example, have you ever gone to grab a paper towel to dry your hands with and grabbed the last one on the roll? That paper towel, if not used to clean up a big mess or is completely dirty, is still recyclable and so is the cardboard core in the center of the roll. When you go grocery shopping with your parents and get your items in plastic bags, those bags are recyclable and so are many of the plastic wrapping and containers that your foods come in. If you ever want to make a few extra dollars for an ice cream or a candy bar or if you have a fieldtrip coming up with your school, you can collect bottles and cans and take them to a recycling center. Recycling tin cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles is a great way to help the environment out and it can give you a few extra dollars to supplement your allowance. There are also places where you can recycle cardboard too. Always do your best to sort out various recyclable items at home and ask your parents to help you become more eco friendly, the environment will thank you for it!!



Reduce means to use less of something

I can reduce my use of water and electricity by taking shorter showers, turning off lights when I am not using them.

By reducing the amount of things I use, I can easily make a diffrence in the world.


To use an item again

I can reuse my empty waterbottle so I am not waisting plastic and I can use a reuseable bag so that I can get more uses out of it and keep plastic out of the landfills. By reusing items, I can help keep the planet healthy.


Recycle means to make new items, from old ones

By recycling old items like cans, bottles, plastics, papers, and cardboard, I help the planet by cutting the production of these items down and I give new life to them.



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