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President's words and statements
"The first edition of this magazine is a dream come true, 
after some years of creating the idea."



    The first edition of this magazine is a dream come true, after some years of creating the idea.

   The problem of the climate, contamination, cost of the gasoline, the droughts, quality of the water, the environment and of everything that we are spending here, in California, in the United States, and in the world leads to taking action and developing this project. For nobody it is already a secret what Go GREEN means.

   I hope that with this, more people get more interested in this topic, and so that we can receive more help of sponsors and readership; which is the only way of financing, and like that to be able to inform all of the most important events related to this topic.

Another factor that impelled me to create this e-magazine is that I worked for 15 years as a subcontractor with the companies of power and energy locally, with programs to save energy in my community.  Even though it is true that there are many individuals around the world who don't know anything or nothing about the topic, it’s necessary to keep them updated and informed or perhaps even educating them in a certain way.

   In the Internet we can find a lot of information, but there are people that have no access or they cannot use it, and for them it would be easier to read an article of some publication written as this one, with terms easy to understand and with explanations at the end of every edition, or enclosing the regards whips of information

   Global warming, the environment, recycling, the ecosystem in general and the search of new energies to supplant the one that is finishing us it’s a serious problem.
   All this affects us directly because of the high prices of oil, even to our way of living, our health, our families, and for the high indexes of contamination in our atmosphere.

   The task is not necessarily to leave it to the state or federal authorities, we have to take conscience, and, I repeat, to act from this moment on.

   Let's think that WE ALL ARE PARTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR whatever happens in OUR COMMUNITY, and in the world; for that reason, let's assume THE SOCIAL COMMITMENT, NOT ONLY WITH THE ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH, BUT WITH THE SOCIETY IN GENERAL AND WITH THE LOCAL COMMUNITIES IN PARTICULAR. To fight against a society not only consumer, but also a society of waste, that is part of our goal

   California Verde, is a new organization that wants to be announced by this free publication, and that will do its best so that it could reach people that are very Interested in California and  others around the globe, due to the fact that they are global topics, so that at last we will be able to find the way to come to our real goal, which is to save our mother Earth.

If you're interested to contribute, I will be glad to share them with our entire readership and together with the portal of www.californiaverde.org

Ruben Morla.

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