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Going Green
Going Green
is more important now than ever before.
Use the tips below to find out how you can
Go Green at home, school or work.

  Use reusable shopping bags

  Install energy efficiency measures throughout your home.

  Compost your garbage; up to 60% of your waste is suitable for composting.

  Install water efficient fixtures like faucets and toilets.

  Eat and buy local! Try to purchase foods and products grown or produced within 100 miles of where you live. You can start at one of your local Farmer's Markets.

  Choose water based latex paints over solvent based paints when painting your home. Never use lead based paints.

  If you have a furnace, fireplace or gas heater, have them serviced regularly to prevent deadly fumes and install a carbon monoxide detector.

  Make sure to recycle all electronics and batteries. You can check the CURE website for the nearest household hazardous waste drop off location.

  Ride a bike, walk, or use public transportation.

  Drink filtered tap water and use a recyclable water bottle.

  Buy recycled products like paper, carpet, and tile.

  Install weather based irrigation controllers and native plants in your yard.

  Look for non-toxic cleaning products - it's better for your family and the environment.

  Reduce, recycle, reuse.

  Ensure you have good ventilation and balanced humidity in your home to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which can be harmful to your health.
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